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Detecting if SIP ALG is Active

Detecting if SIP ALG is Active

A SIP ALG can and usually does exist on Routers, Modems or in rare cases a managed switch.

You must disable this feature for any VoIP service to operate as expected otherwise you may experience:

  • Dropped calls
  • Loss of voice on one end of the call

Client Based Testing

This link will download a small .exe agent that can test for the presence of a SIP ALG on the network the host PC is connected to.

After downloading, open the file and accept any permissions your windows/mac machine may ask for.

Understanding the results:

  • If the results = False then a SIP ALG was not detected by the client.
  • If the results = True then a SIP ALG is active and must be turned off.

Download .EXE for Detecting SIP ALG

More Information

More information can be found here.

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