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Call Recording

What is Call Recording?

Use our Call Recording option to create an online searchable archive of telephone calls made and received by your VOIP number. This allows you to record as many or as few numbers and extensions as you require, allow our call recording package to give you complete peace of mind.

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Why choose Call Recording?

  • No Need to Purchase Expensive Recording Equipment
  • Easily Searchable Online Archive
  • 1 or 6 Year Call Retention Option
  • Real Time Back-up of Data
  • Limitless Recordings
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How it works?

Choose whether you’d like call recordings to be retained for either 1 year, or for 6. If you’re required to comply with government Money Laundering legislation or certain Data Retention legislations, please consider our 6 year option to meet your needs.

Configure your account to determine which calls are recorded.

For incoming calls, simply tick the box next to the number(s) you’d like to record.

For outgoing calls, simply tick the box next to the VoIP device or extension.

As calls are received, they are archived securely online. To listen to a call, simply search by the caller or recipient telephone number, the month of the call, or the extension number. All calls are stored at a second data centre for maximum integrity of your data.

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