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From our SAP support division, we can help with any incidents or changes that you have with your current SAP landscape.

If you are new to SAP or extending your existing install, we can help with implementation or dedicated project work for your project sponsor.

Our offering has two main cores, SAP Support Packages where a block of hours/days can be used or alternatively adhoc support to help with any staffing issues or specific module knowledge requirements.

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Our SAP Support Modules

SAP offers all types of modules for every industry around the world.

We have three core pillars to ensure we provide the right resource.

From our Speciality modules that make us unique, to our Core modules that we know a lot about to our Extended offering for additional skill sets where needed using our extensive resource portfolio.

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We can support your specific modules within SAP to make sure you get the right consultant for your project or change ensuring they are fully conversant with your SAP implementation.

Our Speciality Offering:


  • SAP FCC (Financial Customer Care)

  • SAP FSCM (inc. FICA inetgration)

  • SAP Bespoke

Our Core Offering:

  • SAP IS-U

  • SAP Electric Vehicle Charging (OCPP)

Our Extended Offering:


  • SAP PI

  • SAP Basis


Need SAP Support?

Do you need an SAP Support Package to ensure that peace of mind for your landscape?

Or, do you just need a specialist SAP consultant for a set period of time to assist?

Find out more about our SAP offering.

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SAP Support Packages

Keeping business critical SAP systems working the way you need them to can be tough with ever increasing demands & new requirements from your business.

With a SAP Support Package, we can support any incidents / changes that you need to help you along the way.

With a set number of hours or days per month, you know there is always someone available to support you using our SAP service level agreements to ensure you always get an on time response.

Simply raise a ticket to our helpdesk and our SAP Team will assist with your query.

Get in touch today to discuss SAP Support Packages for your business.

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SAP Consulting

Within SAP consulting, we can support any project work or larger changes when you only need SAP knowledge for a set period.

We help clients with all types of challenges within consulting, from resourcing issues to adding a specific SAP skillset for a period of time.

Even if you just need us for a day or two, to weeks or months. We can work as “one of your own” or work with any third party to assist in all or parts of a specific SAP module with our extensive knowledge & experience.

Get in touch today to discuss SAP Support Packages for your business.

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Our Module Specialities

Check our our specialty SAP modules that set us apart from the rest.


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SAP FICA is commonly used for high volume processing, typically Utilities, Telecommunication & Public Sector. (FI-CA/PS-CD)

We cover all aspects of FICA including integration to other modules including FSCM, Billing & Convergent Invoicing.

Some of these key FICA areas include:

  • Business Data Toolset
  • Contract Accounts
  • Postings and Documents
  • Tax Postings
  • Open Item Management
  • Account Balance Display
  • Print Workbench
  • Correspondence
  • Customer Contacts
  • Security Deposits
  • Payments
  • Interest
  • Dunning
  • Returns
  • Installment Plans
  • Write-Offs
  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Transferring Items
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SAP Financial Supply Chain Management is used by business to help dispute and credit management for their customers.

From managing credit limits of customers, creating hierarchy of customer sites to adding disputes for customers who won’t pay or misallocated payment, FSCM can help.

Some of these key FSCM areas include:

  • Credit Management
    covering Credit Limits, Exposure
  • Dispute Management
  • External integration with 3rd Party such as Experian
  • Integration from FICA to FSCM for exposure
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SAP IS-U is the industry specific module for Utilities (IS-Utilities).

We cover a large aspect of IS-U processes covering the different utility types, from electric to gas.

Some of these key IS-U areas include:

  • Basic Functions
  • Master Data
  • Device Management
  • Energy Data Management
  • Contract Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Customer Service
  • Work Management
  • Information System
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