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Bespoke Solutions

Sometimes you cannot find an IT solution for your requirements. Maybe you are trying to do something unique that no other business does, making this your unique selling point?

With bespoke solutions, we can sit down and understand what you are trying to achieve by going through your business processes.

From here, we can cross check to make sure no standard IT solution exists on the market to fast track your installation of your IT.

If there is definitely nothing available we can look at options of purchasing an existing tool and making modifications or designing one specifically for your business.

soft dev process

Using an existing tool and obtaining a plugin or enhancement is usually cheaper and offers you the most flexibility with support. Usually these methods are more robust as another business has probably already done a similar thing and ironed out all the teething bugs before you get started.

The custom solution is always more expensive and usually requires building it from the ground up, which takes more time and cost. It does usually mean the solution fits perfectly and offers you something different when comparing yourself against a competitor.

We cant offer a standard price for bespoke solutions, but after we have the initial requirement meeting we can offer a quote from there onwards.

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Case Studies

We have completed some impressive bespoke solutions for some of our clients. To find out more about their journey and how we helped, click here to view a portfolio.

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If you would like to discuss further, get in touch today with one of the team to run through your process to finding your the right software to fit.

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