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Wireless & Wi-Fi


Wireless networking – which is often just known as Wi-Fi – is a way of getting broadband internet without wires.

Wi-Fi allows you to connect several computers at once, anywhere in the house – or if you have a laptop, to even use your computer in the garden. You don’t need to install extra phone lines or cables.

Millions of Britons already connect to the internet using Wi-Fi – pronounced ‘why-fy’. It’s also known as ‘wireless networking’ or ‘wireless fidelity’.

 Wi-Fi is widely installed in cafés, airports and many other public buildings. If you have seen someone at your local coffee shop surfing the internet on a laptop computer, they are probably using a Wi-Fi network.
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Setup & Install

We can help purchase, install & setup a wireless network for your home or business.

Dependant on budget, we can install basic wi-fi networks or create full roaming networks to allow you to wonder around your larger home or business premises without switching between networks or having multiple little networks setup (eg. Cafe 1, Cafe 2, Cafe 3)

All networks are fully secured to ensure that no strangers can logon to your network from next door or outside your premises.

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Guest Networks

On certain equipment, we can even setup a guest network for your own customers to use when they visit you to allow them to carry on with their own emails, internet browsing, etc.

The advantages of offering a guest networks keeps your guests as guests – so they are separated from your own internal secure network, meaning they cannot access any of your devices and cause damage or steal information & files.

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