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Backup Solutions

Backup, Backup, Backup!

Backup’s are the single most important task for a business and often either forgotten about or not considered as many people think that it won’t happen to them.

Businesses back up data they deem to be vulnerable in the event of buggy software, data corruption, hardware failure, malicious hacking, user error or other unforeseen events. Backups capture and synchronise a point-in-time snapshot that is then used to return data to its previous state.

Backup and recovery testing examines an organisation’s practices and technologies for data security and data replication. The goal is to ensure rapid and reliable data retrieval should the need arise. The process of retrieving backed-up data files is known as file restoration.

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Automated Cloud Backups

Backups don’t have to be complicated or expensive and can be simple when you know how.

We often recommend Google Drive or Dropbox to customers, where an app sits on your PC or laptop and continuously watches new or edited files. As soon as they are saved, they are almost instantly copied to the cloud to ensure they are safe.

This is the best worry free option as you set it up and don’t have to worry about taking hardware (such as external hard drives) offsite.

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Manual Physical Backups

Some customers don’t like or can’t for legal reasons store data in the cloud.

Not to worry, we can recommend and setup a device to store your data on to ensure it’s backed up regularly. We can also setup a rotation device to ensure you have coverage and recovery of files over a set number of days or weeks.

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