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PC & Mac Support

As an IT support based company, we can support all aspects of your IT and develop cost effective IT solutions that keep costs and downtime to a minimum.

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Whether you use in-house or remote servers to power your network we can find a package that suits your needs. As we are well experienced supporting business servers we can also offer advice and consultancy about upgrades and cloud migration.

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Mobile Device Support

Sometimes when you are on the road or out and about, you get an issue with your device and need some type of support to fix the issue.

We can support a range of devices and connect remotely to assist you whilst on the move, as long as you have 3G, 4G or are on Wifi.

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Wireless & Wi-Fi

We can help purchase, install & setup a wireless network for your home or business.

Dependant on budget, we can install basic wi-fi networks or create full roaming networks to allow you to wonder around your larger home or business premises without switching between networks or having multiple little networks setup (eg. Cafe 1, Cafe 2, Cafe 3)

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We can help identify a suitable internet connection for your needs and check whats options are available to you based on your location & budget.

For installations, we can help and provide services for when BT, Virgin Media, etc need to come in and install physical equipment and help you get setup.

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Backup Solutions

Backups don’t have to be complicated or expensive and can be simple when you know how.

We often recommend Google Drive or Dropbox to customers, where an app sits on your PC or laptop and continuously watches new or edited files. As soon as they are saved, they are almost instantly copied to the cloud to ensure they are safe.

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Disaster Recovery

A disaster can be anything that puts a businesses operations at risk, from a cyberattack to equipment failures to natural disasters. The goal with DR is for a business to continue operating as close to normal as possible. The disaster recovery process includes planning and testing, and may involve a separate physical site for restoring operations.

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